Testimonials for Joanne Sea

Thank you to all my clients for inviting me into this special time in your lives. 


Beverley, Sean & June Esmé

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Joanne's care as a Doula was. I feel so strongly about recommending Joanne Sea Doula Services that I hope my testimonial can do her amazing, supportive presence, thoughtfulness and calming care justice.

Joanne's support started with her prenatal visit. I was hoping for a VBAC, and had a lot of anxieties about a possible second cesarean, so Joanne really focused on this with my husband and I, ensuring that she fully understood our feelings about my previous birth experience and our goals for this birth. She listened compassionately, validated our feelings and supportively encouraged us about our new goals.

Joanne went above and beyond in many ways. In our prenatal meeting, Joanne had asked me to describe a calm setting. I described a setting in nature, with my husband and the smell of pine trees. When Joanne arrived to support me through delivery, she had a Scotch Pine scented essential oil with her. It was one of the best ways of instantly relaxing my muscles during labour that I never would have thought of for myself.

Joanne ensured my husband and I were included in all of the decisions and that we understood what was going on and had a chance to ask questions if needed. It was so valuable to have her there to provide us with these check ins when we were too wrapped up in the labour to take the minute to stop and think. I felt so confident in Joanne's knowledge of our birth plan that I was able to focus more fully on our daughter and myself, while knowing that my wants and needs were being respectfully advocated for.

Although, due to some compilations, I wasn't able to fully follow my plan, Joanne made me feel completely successful. She built me up and made me feel strong and capable; knowing I had worked hard for my beautiful baby.

I can't imagine my daughter's birth without Joanne there. She made an intense and emotional time more manageable and joyful. She empowered me to feel strong as a mother and woman and gave me confidence that she was always thinking of what more she could do to support my baby and me through one of the most amazing journeys we will ever have together.

Joanne has also provided postpartum doula services that have been phenomenal. I haven't had time to write more because she has been holding my daughter while I have been sleeping!! Luxury!

Thank you, Joanne. Any person looking for support in their birthing experience would be lucky to have you by their side each step of the way.

A very satisfied and grateful mother


Anna, kyle & Ronan

Joanne was calm, respectful, warmhearted and empathetic. Having her around in the first few months after baby was a godsend. She is very knowledgeable and I felt like she truly cared about us.

I didn’t realize having a doula would be so important and beneficial, but it’s a great investment. Thanks!